Frisby Quill
Frisby Quill Appearing In The OriginalHouse on Haunted Hill (1959 film) Film As A Skeleton
Portrayed By:



Known Relatives:
Frederick Loren

Frisby Quill Is A Minor Character Featured In The Original House on Haunted Hill (1959 film)


Frisby Quill Is Seen In A Advertisement For The Release Of House On Haunted Hill The Advertisment Showed A GraveStone  With His Name On It And Under Neath It It Read RIP "He Went To Go See House On Haunted Hill !". Dispite This Appearance He Also Appeared In The Film Also, As a skeleton that rises from the acid accompanied by Loren's disembodied voice. the animated spectre approaches, Annabelle recoils and screams in horror, accidentally falling into the acid herself. Fredrick Loren then emerges from the shadows, holding the contraption that he used to manipulate the skeleton. 


  • The first appearance of Frisby Quill in the theatrical Ad
  • Rising From The AcidGo to Rising from the acid
  • Go to Hello There

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