Melissa Margaret Marr
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Known Relatives:
Jasper Marr (ancestor)

Melissa Margaret Marr was one of the guests to Steven Price's party at the House on Haunted Hill, where she was killed.


Melissa once owned her own TV show, but she was apparently kicked off of it for failing to get exciting or amazing enough videos. When she received an invitation to Steven Price's party at the "House on Haunted Hill" offering her $1,000,000 if she stayed at the Institute the whole night, she accepted.

House on Haunted Hill (1999 film)Edit

Melissa is taken with three other guests to the asylum, where she and the other guests find that none of them are the ones that either Steven or his wife Evelyn invited. Shortly after the guests arrive, the facility mysteriously goes into lockdown, sealing all of the possible exits with iron gates and trapping Melissa and the others inside.

Melissa and the other guests are then each given a handgun for protection, and Sara, Eddie, Pritchett and Steven go down into the asylum basement in search of a master control for the lockdown; while Melissa stays in the building's lobby with Evelyn and Blackburn.

Shortly before the others return to the lobby, Melissa slips off and goes down into the asylum to tape what she finds there, hoping to use it to get back onto her show. While Melissa is exploring the asylum, her camera shows her Dr. Vannacutt and two of his nurses torturing a patient. The three ghosts then notice Melissa, and another ghost attacks and presumably kills Melissa, leaving only her camera and a trail of blood across the walls and the ceiling.

After she died, Melissa's soul joined the other ghosts trapped in the house. Price later finds Melissa's bones, organs and body parts on display in a glass case. When The Darkness is pursuing Sara and Eddie through the house, Melissa's assimilated ghost tries to lure Sara to it, but this only horrifies Sara. A short while later, when The Darkness confronts Eddie in the attic about his ancestor's actions, Melissa's absorbed soul begs Eddie for help.

Melissa's soul was presumably freed from the house eight years after her death, when Ariel Wolfe removed the Baphomet Idol from the building in Return to House on Haunted Hill.