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Norris Boz was one of Desmond Niles' henchmen. He was killed at the House on Haunted Hill while searching for the Baphomet Idol.


Noris was once a champion boxer, and would throw his toothpick in his opponent's face as a sign that he was coming for them.[1] However, he apparently retired at some point. He was contacted and hired by Desmond Niles to join his team and help him find the Baphomet Idol.

Return to House on Haunted HillEdit

A month after Norris was hired,[2] when Desmond discovers that the Baphomet statue is hidden in the Vannacutt Psychiatric Institute for the Criminally Insane, he and his team, including Norris, go to Ariel Wolfe's house and abduct her and Paul for Dr. Vannacutt's journal, which may help them find the Idol.

The team then travel to the Vannacutt asylum and enter to find Kyle and Dr. Richard Hammer there as well, also looking for the Idol. Desmond and his team force Kyle and Richard to help them find the Idol, and after Desmond discovers from Vannacutt's journal that the Baphomet Idol is hidden in a chamber in the asylum basement, he decides that the group should split up to search the asylum for the chamber.

Norris goes with Kyle to find the Idol. Along the way, Kyle recognizes Norris from his boxing days, and, after telling him that he fought like a girl, Norris is told over the radio to return to the facility's lobby.

Norris is torn apart

Kyle and Norris return to the lobby, where the sheets on some of the sofas levitate and wrap around Norris's wrists and ankles. The sheets then lift Norris into the air and start tugging at his arms and legs until they eventually tear him apart.

After Norris died, his soul presumably joined the other ghosts trapped in the house. However, it can also be presumed that Norris's ghost was freed from the house just hours after his death when Ariel removed the Baphomet Idol from the facility.


Ariel WolfeEdit

Norris harassed and perverted Ariel several times.


Norris appeared to get along well with Kyle, but was left angered when Kyle told him that he fought like a woman during his boxing days.


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